5 Tips to Make Your Content more Appealing

We live in an era of creative content. Useful and appealing information attracts visitors to your web page, but what can make them stay?

With many big brands using content marketing, how do small companies stand out from the crowd?

Here are 5 tips to make your content more appealing and boost your business.

1) Keep it simple!

People are already busy; every day we are bombarded with so many different kinds of information through social media, newspapers, television and signage. Users don’t want to expend a lot of time and effort understanding your content, so simple statements work best.

2) Be Funny / Use Humor!

Humor is a good way to humanize your business. Emotional appeal can differentiate you from other businesses and you’ll have a better chance of being remembered – humor is a highly viral and successful tactic to integrate into your content creation.

3) Make it Interactive!

Interaction and participation make users see themselves as a part of the brand. Quizzes, interactive videos and infographics are great elements to incorporate into your content. Aim to make it an engaging and motivating experience.

4) Don’t be predictable!

Just like in personal relationships, an element of surprise can spice things up. People are designed to crave the unexpected, so adding the surprise element can be a very powerful marketing tool.

5) Make the content actionable!

Good content provides a sense of how to apply new information. Make sure you help users feel more confident in using your material by offering tips, tricks and directives.

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