A walk in the park with Mailchimp automation

Marketing has always been about tailoring media to communicate with your consumers in a unique and stand out way. Modern Marketing sometimes spread resources thin, the act of tackling ever-increasing options of platforms, devices, media and contact points leaving some gathering dust by the side of the road.

It is so important to have a strong online presence, which we all know; but sometimes the sheer number of apps, websites and platforms become a little overwhelming. Well, perk your ears up and listen, because we’ve got a solution.

For a while now, MailChimp has offered email automation services for a fee, but as of now its invaluable assistance comes at the perfect price: Free!

Why is automating a good idea?

An efficient workflow consists of aligning your focus, skills and time on the core operations of your business and finding a way to juggle everything else. Automating tasks that are repetitive, time consuming, or just not important as others can help increase conversions as well as save time, stress and money!

There are various on-time and on-brand additions that Marketing Automation can bring to your business: to bait, hook, and reel them in. Any form of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) maintains and analyses the connection between customers and brands but, as part of the newest instalment of MailChimp, these connection points are deeply intertwined with both customer behaviours and your personal business needs.

Rekindle Your Relationships

The free service automates all email interactions between you and your consumer: from action-and-response and follow-ups to incentives and well wishes. It’s a great tool for not only sparking relationships with new customers, but staying in touch with old ones too. An automated email can reunite your business and it’s customers whenever they’ve had some time apart. A little “we miss you” can rekindle their regularity.

Keeping it flexible

The best part about this tool is its flexibility. You can choose options that support your lead workflow problem areas on a self-determined schedule. Unique to your customer-brand relationship, Mailchimp’s software uses all elements of interaction: from website enquiry forms and shopping cart behaviour, to database demographic profiles and customer frequency. With this new and effective tool in hand, implementing and maintaining an authentic consumer-brand conversation has just become hands free.

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