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Meet Andrea, Lemon Tree’s Digital Marketing Coordinator

Andrea began her marketing career with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at Tec de Monterrey in Mexico. She then went on to complete her Masters, majoring in Marketing Management at Griffith University.

Using everything she learned from her years of study and professional experience, Andrea has become a digital marketing force. She gets a thrill out of cracking codes and loves helping clients understand their data in language that makes sense to them. 

She may be a self-professed numbers nerd, but she also loves meeting up with friends at the pub for a cold beer.

Outside of work, you can always find her at the beach with her dog, Toto, chowing down some Ravioli con Carne at Vapianos or booking a last-minute trip around the world!

Digital Marketing at Lemon Tree Marketing

Here’s what Andrea has to say about working at Lemon Tree: 

“I am excited to be part of a team of talented and like-minded people. The work we do here is amazing. I’m excited to continue learning and really dive into the social media world.”

Talking about her goals for Lemon Tree’s clients, she says:

“As for what my goals are for Lemon Tree’s clients, the first step is getting to know them and thoroughly understand their brand. Once that’s done, I am excited to share my strategies and approaches, as well as everything I’ve learned from past experiences.”

We think Andrea is the bees-knees and couldn’t imagine the office without her.

If you’re looking to supercharge your digital presence and get found by the people that matter to you, get in touch with Andrea and the digital team! We’d love to help you master the world of digital.