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Meet Ben, Lemon Tree’s Agency Manager

Meet Ben, Lemon Tree’s Agency Manager

Ben Whitmore began his career in journalism and graduated from the Australian College of Journalism. After graduating, Ben gained industry experience writing for well-known surf and travel publications before joining the team at Tracks Magazine and later sister publication, Waves.

To say Ben had the dream job is an understatement. He travelled around the world following some of the best surfers and writing along the way. It was while working for these companies that he quickly gained experience in photography, design, advertising and digital media.

He discovered a love of digital marketing and its ability to measure the impact of his work and inform future strategies.

Now, Ben has become fully immersed in marketing (both print & digital) and has been a vital part of Lemon Tree Marketing for over five years.

When we asked Ben what he loves most about being Lemon Tree’s Agency Manager, he said:

“I love how quickly the marketing world works, we always have new tools and channels to work with. Mostly, what I love is working with different businesses. Each business is a new challenge, a new market to speak to and when I see the fruits of their labour (and ours) start to pay dividends, it really is a great feeling.”

When Ben isn’t spending time with his wife and three kids, he loves jumping on his trusty bike and getting lost for a few hours. He finds this his way to relax and think clearly. 

He often uses this time to come up with fresh ideas to bring to the office and present to his clients and the rest of the Lemon Tree team.

With Ben’s Patronus being the turtle, you know he is a steady thinker and very reliable.

We couldn’t imagine a better and more supportive Agency Manager than our own Ben.

If you want to find out what Ben and the team can do for your business, chat with us today and give us our next challenge!