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Building your audience base with Mailchimp campaigns

Building a brand that stands out in this day and age is a tough gig. Growing your audience is tougher. Between catering for your existing customers, handling your business and keeping on top of the to-do list, the task of ‘converting new client’s’ falls to the bottom of the list all too often.

Building your audience base is incredibly critical to maintaining a successful business, so it’s really important to look for pathways that lead you down opportunity-rich avenues. A great way to reach potential customers is to go where they’re already hanging out.

Manage all your advertising outlets, all at once

Facebook and Instagram ads are great for increasing brand awareness, growing your audience and are generally a no-brainer when setting up. So why are we jumping ship to MailChimp’s integrated Ad Campaigner? While the platform itself doesn’t offer any new marketing capabilities to Facebook Ads, it allows you to manage all outlets of your campaign ( i.e Facebook, instagram and your email marketing) in one place, at one time, at no extra cost.

Target your most engaging contacts – and people like them

It’s not only the convenience that’s attractive. Campaigning with control over audience variables such as gender, age and interests, allows for a targeted approach that is ideal for reaching your existing customers. You also have the option to show your ads to people who have the same interests and demographics as your existing customers.

A one-stop shop for marketing campaigns

The real winning stroke of Mailchimp’s Ad Campaign integration is being able to view the overarching performance of your marketing campaign as a whole. Tracking engagement and list growth is paramount when determining what resonates with your audience, and if you hit success in one part of your campaign, it’s easy to transfer this success into the other outlets of the campaign on the one platform. Think of it as a way of combining several processes into one, more organised and less stressful rollout.

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