Captivate your audience with video content

We’ve just launched our first Lemon Tree Marketing video and want to share with you both the experience and power of video. We embarked on our video journey after recognising our distinct point of difference, in a saturated market, was becoming increasingly difficult to communicate with words alone. We needed a medium to help us effectively engage with our audience.

Why video?

Video helps to reveal the authentic essence of our business, our personality and core proposition. What we set out to do was delve into Lemon Tree Marketing while taking a wider view of the industry, the trends and value marketing adds to businesses– especially the way we operate. Gone are the days of promotional corporate video boasting the virtues of your business to a passive audience. It comes back to the recognition of talking with your audience, not at them. By providing insightful,interesting, educational content there’s an opportunity to truly engage, challenge and empower
your audience.

What’s next?

The stars aligned as we joined forces with a startup client of ours, Positive Vision. Positive Vision has a very clear mission – to create videos that tell businesses’ own, unique stories. As with all worthwhile journeys you learn a lot about yourself, or this case our business, along the way. Similarly, the final destination isn’t always as you envisioned and that can be an unexpected delight in itself.

In our case we were forced to get to the crux of what we do, why we do it well, how we do it differently and why this benefits our clients. We also talk about how our operational model is an emerging trend in the industry. As an added bonus, we got the pleasure of hearing our clients talk candidly about the experience and results of working with us.

In our next blog we look at the top tips for creating an effective video and effective dissemination.