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Web development

As the barriers to entry to create an e-commerce site have decreased, the number of online stores has multiplied. But just because it’s super easy to set up your online store, it doesn’t mean the revenue will immediately start pouring in.Think of your e-commerce site...

It’s no secret that effective marketing targets your customers where they already are, whether it’s a high-end beauty magazine or online group. However whilst something like this seems so simple, certain channels can be highly saturated, making it difficult to cut through the clutter.

All businesses need a fantastic website. A well thought out, easy to navigate and visually impactful website inevitably reflects well on your business and your brand. So why do so many businesses get it wrong?

Thee design of your site, as well as how fast it loads, are major factors in online conversion rates. In our previous blog post, we looked at ways to improve the design and functionality specific to a mobile site, which you can check it out here.

It’s becoming harder and harder to optimise search results. The crux of it is, if you don’t have an amazing website with neat code and quality content, the number of links you get or how much you pay to “optimise” search results becomes irrelevant. We've...