Creating Email Marketing (EDM’S) with impact

Our last blog looked at EDM’s to third party databases and how this is an effective B2B marketing tool with the correct approach. Once you’ve determined your targeting the next crucial part is how to captivate your audience from the get-go.

There are many considerations and variables that determine the success of an email campaign so we’ve listed the basic rules that are applicable across all industries.  Follow these tips to maximise your success.

Have them from hello

You need a subject line that is going to stand out in a busy inbox. Make sure you:

  • Have an interesting and intriguing headline – examples include “The top 3 best…”, or use emotional words like “discover,” or “you’ll love this”
  • Don’t rabble on – 60 characters is a maximum, as this is the usual length displayed on email previews
  • Get personal – adding a name or location to subject line helps by gaining attention and creditability
  • Avoid using words such as “Free” or symbols like “%“ as spam filters will pick these and your email will end up as junk
  • Avoid cheesy sales headline, exclamation marks and using all capital letters, as this will instantly turn your audience off

A brilliant body

Email body copy needs to be simple, short and straight to the point. You need to articulately deliver your message quickly and concisely.  Remember no one has time to read a novel at work. And make sure the design is standard as linear flow is simple to read. Different columns and headings can become complex to read. Similarly don’t send an email that is image heavy with no real message as this will be equally as ineffective.

Lastly, make sure you have a clear call to action, not only at the end but also throughout the email. Include a range of different forms, text links and image buttons to maximise your response rate.

Test, test and test again

You absolutely must test your email marketing with the main email providers including as gmail, hotmail, outlook, mac mail and mobile devices to ensure the email displays correctly.

Also make sure you test your links as we all know there’s nothing more annoying that clicking on a hyperlink in an email only to be taken to a page that doesn’t exist due to broken links – you’ll instantly lose creditability.

It really is as simple as following these rules to increase your chances of EDM success. And always remember to comply with anti spam laws and privacy.  If you’re unsure how these apply to your business or you’d like additional email marketing information, call us on 0424 867 866.