Designers vs marketing agencies

Great design is essential to effectively communicate to your audience. It’s also a key element in establishing a solid brand. It can be difficult to pinpoint exactly why we like some business marketing material and not others, but it all comes down to three key elements: purposeful design, target audience, and in-depth research.

The rise in cheap graphic design, offered by suppliers who are not marketing professionals, has depreciated the value of visual strategy. Purposeful design can and will act as a catalyst for brand success, but only if it’s done right. Creating a stand-out brand requires much more than just making pretty pictures.

Marketing companies, compared to the likes of a business whose core proposition is printing and/or basic secondary design, have a thorough strategic approach to brand development. What a marketing agency can offer that a designer can’t includes:

Research – what competitors offer and ensure your brand has a point of difference, its own voice and a pathway that cuts through the clutter

Collaboration – with clients and explore ways that your brand and logo reflect your unique selling position and personality

Understanding your target audience – what resonates with them and the best way to communicate

A marketing agency uses relevant knowledge and experience to tie all elements together into a cohesive package that covers all platforms, media and environments and can always validate and explain their decisions.

Cheap marketing services, more often than not, lack the development of authentic and original design. You really do get what you pay for. A $99 logo leaves no room to include in-depth research, creative expansion and test application that’s essential for effective design solution.

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