Endless opportunities in Appvertising

Advertising directly in apps “Appvertising” is tipped to be the next big opportunity emerging for businesses. Search engine and social media advertising is increasingly cluttered and achieving cut-through is becoming harder, in-app advertising offers businesses a savvier and targeted way to connect with customers.

Driven by the rise in mobile and tablet usage and the media consumption occurring on these devices, advertising within apps makes sense. By displaying content within an app it’s got the opportunity to be both more engaging and targeted.

In the same way search engines work, keywords in your ad content matches your ad to relevant apps. There’s also the additional capability of targeting particular categories of apps or specific apps. You can exclude apps that don’t align with your brand and you don’t want to advertise within. And you can track the performance of your appvertising to determine your success.

App ads can be different types and formats with both standard and video app available. The app install ad, (formerly click-to-download ads) is the easiest and most effective way to drive downloads with much of the customisation already done for you. With video on the rise as the most effective way to connect with consumers this holds great potential in appvertising. An engaging short video, recommended to be no more than 15 seconds, is a powerful way to communicate with your audience.

Don’t forget to review the advertising policies before creating an ad – review the advertising policies

App advertising allows for a deeper and more relevant engagement opportunity, to find out more about how Lemon Tree Marketing can help your business harness this latest trend drop us a line hello@lemontreemarketing.com.au.