More than just a pretty name

It seems only fitting our first blog gives you the juice (excuse the pun) on Lemon Tree Marketing. It was a brilliant mix of passion and determination, combined with an obvious gap in the market for a quality, cost effective, non-traditional, full service marketing agency, that motivated Nat and Jo to take the plunge and launch Lemon Tree Marketing.

So much more than just a pretty name, Lemon Tree is committed to making great marketing accessible to all Australian businesses by providing savvy, effective solutions.  And it’s because we don’t replicate the typical agency model that we can maintain a competitive edge without compromising quality.  We act as marketing managers for our clients, providing access to the array of specialised, experienced consultants we collaborate with.  The marketing sphere can be extraordinarily overwhelming to businesses so it’s vital the Lemon Tree experience is a coherent, simple process of identifying marketing objectives and finding the right tools to achieve them.

Our tag line, “where clarity and creativity collide” is the core of our marketing philosophy.  Clarity is essential for effective communication.  Delivering your message to your target audience with beautiful simplicity is our mission. And doing this in a creative way, as creativity is essential for cut through.  Together, clarity and creativity is a winning combination.

Another winning combination is the Lemon Tree team. The original two Directors became three when I joined the team earlier in the year allowing us to expand geographically with offices now in the Gold Coast and Melbourne. We all share a passion for marketing and have struck that rare, intangible team dynamic.  Coming from different marketing backgrounds we play perfectly to each other strengths.  It’s also our common view that it’s our clients businesses that we take seriously, not ourselves, that makes for Lemon Tree Marketing harmony.