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Design & Websites Tools for Marketing

At Lemon Tree, we love design and web projects. They give us a chance to get those creative juices flowing and show off what we can do. But we know that not everyone is a savvy designer or web developer. Luckily for the creatively-challenged, there are plenty of tools available to help create beautiful, professional-looking designs and to keep your website in tip-top shape too.

Check them out below (or better yet, integrate them into your marketing tasks)!

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Out favourite design tools


Canva is a graphic design platform that offers brilliant customisable designs that are templated for all mediums. Whether you’re looking to create a more curated social media presence, need posters for your venue or a brochure to showcase your service capabilities, this comprehensive design tool has got it all. It’s also fantastic for collaborating with clients and other team members on your marketing campaigns. Simple, affordable (there’s a free version!) and super effective.

Why we love Canva:

  • Access to stock images, graphics and illustrations or upload your own
  • Edit designs with drag and drop ease
  • Utilise a huge bank of web and print fonts
  • Includes icons, shapes and other elements

Eye Dropper – Chrome Extension

Google’s Eye Dropper is an open source extension that lets you hover over any colour on the web and find its hexadecimal code. Perfect where a brand style guide was never made or just to find that perfect shade of red. So, if you find a website and you’re loving their colour theme or don’t have the proper codes for the colours on your own site, Eye Dropper is such a handy tool to have in your browser.

Why we love Eye Dropper:

  • Allows you to quickly and easily pick a colour from any webpage
  • If a client has lost their style guide, this gives us accuracy when picking colours for future collateral
  • Can be used on any computer at any time

Font Picker – Chrome Extension

Font Picker is another open source extension from Google that is great for finding fonts when you haven’t been given a style guide or font files. Similar to the Eye Dropper, this tool is great for discovering new fonts on other websites or for consistency in your own collateral when you might not know which fonts have been used in the past.

Why we love Font Picker:

  • Allows you to quickly and easily pick fonts from any webpage
  • If a client has lost their style guide, this gives accuracy when picking fonts for future collateral
  • Can be used on any computer at any time

Our favourite website tools


JPEGmini allows you to compress JPG images without reducing their resolution or quality. This is especially awesome for website images where large files are significantly reducing web speed. JPEGmini can also help you reduce the costs of storing and delivering images while maximising your cloud storage accounts.

Why we love JPEGmini:

  • Compresses images without losing their sharpness or quality
  • Helps to speed up websites where large images are slowing loading times
  • Reduces file storage costs and optimises cloud storage

Web Page Speed Test

Fast-loading websites lead to better user experiences and lower bounce rates. (Who wants to wait around for a site to load?). Plus, just as importantly, Google penalises slow page speeds with lower rankings in Google searches, making it more important than ever before to get your site speed in check. Get your site speed reviewed and find out where it needs work with Web Page Speed Test. Pro tip: if large images are slowing your site down, use JPEGmini, above, to compress them.

Why we love Web Page Test:

  • Easy way to check your website speed
  • Choose from global servers to test site speed
  • Gives you a cascading view of load times
  • Helps identify problem areas in your site speed


Cleantext.org is a great tool for clearing any hidden data and formatting to produce clean and accurate text. This can be particularly useful when working from word documents or formatted blocks in a web page to new content blocks in your website.

Why we love Cleantext.org:

  • Quickly transforms formatted text into clean text for use across any application
  • Prevents hidden formatting to mess with your designs or documents
  • Compresses data for a smaller file size

For more of our favourite tools and hacks for marketing, keep your eyes peeled for our last instalment of the series where we’ll cover our favourite tools for content and analytics.