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Social Media and Sales Tools for Marketing

Work smarter, not harder! As a marketing manager, it’s easy to get bogged down in those fiddly (but necessary) tasks that seem to take up all your time.

Luckily for us, there are so many new tools, websites and apps coming out every day with the sole purpose of making marketing life that little bit easier. You just have to know where to find them!

To help you uncover easier ways to smash through those everyday business tasks and get more from your marketing strategy, our team has put together a three-part series containing our not-so-secret weapons to marketing like a pro.

In this series, we’ve broken it down into three key sections to keep it focused and relevant for your role: Social Media & Sales, Design & Websites and Content & Analytics. To kick it off, let’s take a look at our favourite tools for mastering Social Media Marketing & Sales

Our favourite social media marketing tools


Later is our go-to Instagram scheduling tool, offering everything you need to create a kick-ass Insta presence for your brand. As well as giving you access to a really simple scheduling process, Later offers a visual content calendar that enables you to visualise your feed before you post. And if you run an ecommerce store or blog? Later can help with that too! With Linkin.bio functionality, you can increase sales opportunities by linking your posts to product pages and share your blog posts with linked landing pages. Later makes life easy (and we really, really love it)!

Why we love Later:

  • Simple scheduling of social media posts
  • Better aesthetics with visual content calendar
  • User-generated content sharing functionality
  • Offers insight into the best posting times for your accounts
  • bio functionality – make your Instagram feed shoppable
  • Deep analytics: best hashtags to use; best times to post and more

Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager is fundamental to an effective organic and paid Facebook strategy. It’s not always the most user-friendly, but it’s the best way to manage all your Facebook assets, from pages and ad accounts to pixels and catalogues. Especially if you’re working with an agency, Business Manager is a non-negotiable tool for managing access to your Facebook assets.

Why we love Facebook Business Manager:

  • Easily share Facebook assets with others
  • Run Facebook ad campaigns
  • Generate customised reports
  • And too much to list here!


Everliker is an engagement bot that allows you to grow your Instagram account by automatically liking other posts. If the phrase “Instagram bot” sends shivers down your spine, don’t worry. This one isn’t your typical spammer. Instead of leaving irrelevant comments on posts or following and unfollowing hundreds of accounts (sure to get your Instagram flagged as spam), Everliker likes the posts you tell it to. You can like by hashtag, location, followers of other accounts or just your feed. While not everyone will check out your profile and follow you, you’re sure to pick up some new followers.

Why we love Everliker:

  • Automates the task of engaging with your audience
  • Grows your Instagram follower count
  • The pro version lets you get really specific about what kinds of posts you want to like

Facebook Ad Text Overlay Tool

This handy little tool is great for checking whether your Facebook ads will be affected by the text limit before you submit your ads for approval. Facebook Ads penalise images with more than 20% text with significantly reduced reach and can even deny the ad altogether.

Why we love the Facebook Ad Text Overlay Tool:

  • Saves time when designing ad tiles
  • Notifies you if your reach will likely be affected – giving you the opportunity to rectify before submitting ad for approval

Our favourite sales marketing tools


Customer Relationship Management tools allow businesses to centralise lead and customer data for easier access and better management. Hubspot is one of our favourites for a number of reasons, primarily because of its website and social media integrations, the ability to track communications and real-time updates.

Why we love Hubspot:

  • Offers alerts to follow up on leads
  • Website and social media integrations allow for easy data collation
  • Know where you’re at with tracked communications and real-time updates


Shopify is a fantastic Content Management System for ecommerce that is geared towards helping you sell more products. As well as a complete design bank full of customisable website themes, Shopify has built-in inventory management, payment and shipping functionalities to make getting started and taking your business to the next level a cinch!

Why we love Shopify:

  • Beautifully designed customisable templates
  • Focussed on helping you sell more products
  • Built-in inventory management, payment and shipping functionalities
  • Limitless (okay, maybe incredibly extensive) plugin options

Facebook’s WooCommerce Plugin

Facebook’s WooCommerce plugin allows you to connect your shop to Facebook and sell more stuff. This awesome feature lets you list your products and sell them through your online Facebook store with the ability to categorise and offer mobile-friendly shopping experiences.

Why we love WooCommerce on Facebook:

  • Create an online store to sell directly through Facebook
  • Manage and categorise your products for a better user experience
  • Automate updates products on your Facebook shop by syncing with your website

And that’s it for now! Stay tuned for next week’s instalment where we’ll cover off our best marketing tools for beautiful designs and optimised websites.