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Marketing Trends You Can’t Miss In 2019

There’s never been a more exciting or confusing time to be in marketing. Almost daily technology advances mean that regular marketing tasks, from conducting market research to increasing brand awareness and driving sales, are constantly evolving.

All that innovation means it can be hard to know where to start.

To cut through all the noise, we’ve outlined our favourite marketing trends to implement in your business this year.

Video marketing

If you’re not including video in your marketing efforts, you’re missing out.

Video is the fastest way to convey your message, as well as being entertaining and engaging. It also feels far less ‘salesy’ than traditional advertising, meaning consumers are less likely to tune out.

According to Social Media Today, video content gets shared on social media 1200% more than a combination of image and text. They also suggest that marketers who use video content are able to grow revenue 49% faster than those who don’t! That’s at least 49 reasons your business should be adopting a strong video marketing strategy in 2019.

Don’t be intimidated by video. Your productions don’t need to be professional quality. Most smartphones can take video that’s perfectly usable for social media, and live streaming on sites like Instagram and Facebook remove any need for post-production.

Voice search

 Long gone are the clunky days of voice search. Today, around 65% of people between 25 – 49 years old already use voice search at least once a day.

Moving away from screen-based searching presents a fantastic way for consumers to get the information they’re looking for, and a new challenge for marketers.

People using voice search are more likely to use natural language, like “where’s the best pizza place near me?” To keep up, you’ll need to think about how people might voice search for your website, and use those words and phrases accordingly.

This technology is changing the way people interact with the internet, and fast.

Half of all online searches are likely to be conducted via voice search by next year.

Smart speakers are the world’s fastest-growing consumer technology so we can expect to see adoption skyrocket.

Keeping this in mind, adopting voice search as a marketing tool in 2019 could not only benefit your business now, but mean you’re well entrenched in the digital trend come next year when it will become imperative.


Chatbots are already a major trend, but they are only going to get bigger. According to IBM, 85% of all customer interactions will be conducted without the help of a human by 2020.

This might sound a little scary, but it’s actually incredibly exciting when you think about it.

Customers will be able to get the information they need faster, without relying on a customer service agent to have all the answers. So rather than sitting on hold for 20 minutes, consumers will simply type their queries and the bot will pull the appropriate info from a massive database in real-time.

This is incredibly exciting news for businesses who can be more confident that their customers are getting the kind of service they’ve grown to expect. More than this, it will also help them to avert customer service issues that contribute to dissatisfaction and brand abandonment.

Content marketing

Content marketing may be nothing new, but 2019 is the time to double down on creating exceptional content.

As we become bombarded with more and more advertising, ad blindness will only continue to grow. It’s critical that brands develop engaging content that consumers find valuable and useful.

That’s not to mention the rise of ad blocking software. According to research conducted by Oriel & IAB, around 25% of desktop and 2% of mobile devices in Australia are already using ad blocking software. This figure is set to grow over the next few years as more users become aware of it.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly growing across all industries and marketing is definitely no exception.

Last year we saw things like predictive analytics, automation and machine learning entering both business and consumer spaces, albeit only in the early stages. This year we anticipate much more of this, particularly in the marketing environment.

Some of the primary functions we can expect AI to carry out in 2019 will be faster data analysis to better understand consumer behaviour and the ability to tap into your target audience and produce more qualified leads.

AI can also assist with enhanced personalisation and automation. In a highly digital world, consumers no longer accept being seen as just a number in a business database. Using AI technology, we can create deeper connections with these consumers and target them in ways that makes them feel like we really know them and understand their wants and needs.

Two brands who are knocking it out of the park: Netflix and Spotify.

Personalised email marketing

Businesses have been using email for years, but as personalisation and automation abilities grow, there’s never been a better time to use email to connect with customers.

Inboxes are constantly cluttered with marketing campaigns and sales, making it harder to stand out. Enter personalisation and automation.

Personalising your emails is one of the best ways to stand out in a full inbox. Segmenting your databases according to consumer behaviour or interests can make a big difference.

For example, you’ll want to use different messaging with someone who’s purchased from you in the past versus a new customer.

You can also look at items your customers have already purchased and leverage this for a new sale. Something as simple as the following can be really effective for encouraging repeat purchases and cross sales.

“Hey [Name], We hope you’re loving [product 1] as much as we do! And you know what else would look fabulous on you? Our [product 2]! Check it out here.

Authentic customer relationships

Technology is making customer interactions faster, more efficient and easier to manage. Of course, one of the downsides of automating these communications is the loss of authentic relationships.

Although consumers expect fast service, they also want to feel valued as a customer. One of the best ways to achieve this is to show the people in your business behind the machines.

This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t be adopting all the latest and greatest technologies but rather using them in conjunction with face-to-face meetings and phone calls. For online and ecommerce businesses, make it simple for your customers to contact you for support via your website or social media channels.

We hope you’re as excited about the future of marketing technology as we are! If you’re ready to start implementing some of this year’s digital trends into your strategy, we can lend a hand! Chat with our team today and let’s get automating.

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