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Hannah Sabih. Professional image of Lemon Tree's Digital Lead sitting in front of white wall and plants.

Meet Hannah Sabih, Lemon Tree’s Digital Lead

Say hello to our multi-talented digital lead, Hannah!

Hannah started her career with a law degree from Oxford University before completing her Masters of Law at UCLA in Los Angeles.

Impressive right?

She then trotted across the globe to work in a marketing and project management position in Vietnam. It was in this position that Hannah found her passion for experimenting with different media and digital channels and interpreting data to uncover meaningful insights.

When we asked Hannah what she loves most about digital strategy, she gave us this analogy:

“It’s so easy to test and tweak (headlines & images can be changed, websites updated), that it’s really a playground for anyone who loves data and testing, with a creative twist.”

Well said Han’.

With her experimental attitude and passion for digital, it was no surprise that we had to snap her up!

Hannah’s favourite part about working at Lemon Tree is the variety of juggling multiple clients across industries and rewarding to help brands, campaigns and websites take shape.

She describes pulling data-driven insights to use in brand and website strategy as “her jam”.

And that’s not her only ‘jam’. The Cat Empire comes in a close second.

We asked Hannah what were her goals for her clients, and her response was this:

“My goal for every client is to create high-quality marketing that not only produces results (e.g. leads, sales) but also positions the client in the market in the best way possible. Marketing isn’t just about ROAS, but about the brand, which is any company’s most valuable asset.”

She hit the nail right on the head with that one.

When Hannah isn’t conducting market research or pulling data-driven insights from analytics, you’ll find her rock climbing, sailing, practising acro yoga, stand up paddleboarding, hiking and camping.

We couldn’t imagine a more intelligent, experimental and fearless digital lead than our very own Hannah.

Ready to have the best in the digi biz planning and overseeing your digital strategy? Chat to Hannah and the team today and let’s get your digital show on the road!