Planning your marketing initiatives

We are exposed to hundreds, if not thousands of marketing messages every day. In response to this chaotic overload, our brains tune out all but the most relevant ones. Until our minds give something meaning or purpose, that something remains irrelevant to us.

The aim of strategic marketing is to sort out who your audience is, and what has meaning for them; to find the intersection between your offer and their needs. It is the process of uncovering and developing messages that will be heard loud and clear. This helps you realise and plan your business goals and build a strong reputation.

The first step is to plot out your overall strategic plan for the year to come. Where do you want to be at the end of this financial year? What has changed? Set goals, big and small, for your long term plan.

Step two involves developing a budget. Without planning a solid budget, you can easily overspend (or underspend) on marketing costs. Planning what objectives you want to achieve throughout the year will allow you to divide up your money based on attainable goals.

The third and final step is determining how your marketing strategy will be implemented. Marketing initiatives are particular projects within your overall plan that can be singular or act as stepping-stones to reach a more long-term objective. Initiatives can range from promoting a particular theme, character or slogan to undertaking a particular method (i.e. email marketing) with persistent intention. It can be a large-scale shift in what you’re doing, or just a small-scale shift in your ideals. Planning your initiatives in advance is extremely beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • Efficient use of marketing budget
  • Preparation for unexpected opportunities
  • Acts as part of your directional purpose
  • Can track progress and adjust future initiatives accordingly
  • Can link and order initiatives to best suit your goals

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