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Quick wins to sell more online

If you’re a business owner or marketing manager looking to get more sales online, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve compiled a list of tried and tested ways you can boost your online sales quickly.

Abandoned cart emails

Abandoned cart emails are one of the best ways to boost online purchases.

Think about it. Once a customer has found a product they like enough to add to their cart, they’re already most of the way to buying it. 

But then life happens. Maybe they get distracted, balk at the cost of shipping or just decide to wait and do some more research.

That’s where you step in with an abandoned cart email to bring your product back to top of mind.

Bonus points if you include an offer like free shipping, free gift with purchase or discount. 

Note: make sure you’re asking for a customer’s email address as the first step to checkout, so you can send these emails. No email address, no abandoned cart emails!

Retargeting ads and dynamic retargeting 

Retargeting ads are like your abandoned cart email, but can be used even if you didn’t capture your customer’s email! 

Sometimes customers just need that last push to buy, and that’s what these ads can do.

With retargeting ads, you can show a certain message to people who viewed a product, added a product to cart, or started to check out on your website and then left. 

For some advanced action, use dynamic retargeting ads.

Ever shopped for something online and then had that very specific product follow you around the internet? That’s dynamic retargeting.

It’s showing people ads with the exact product they looked at or added to cart, and it’s incredibly powerful.


The hardest part of sales is getting someone to actually buy. 

But once you’ve gotten a customer to agree to buy, why not get them to buy more?

When you increase your average order value with upsells, your store automatically becomes more profitable.  

For example, when somebody heads to the checkout with a pair of running shoes in their cart, you know they will likely need socks to go with those shoes.

The best upsells are relevant (think socks for running shoes or a case for a laptop) and relatively low cost in comparison to the main product. 

Ask for the upsell when your customer goes to checkout. If it’s a useful, reasonable add-on, you’re likely to see big results.

Related products

Similar to upsells, but on product pages.

Increase your average order value by recommending similar products based on the products a customer has already viewed. 

There are plenty of plugins that can help with this depending on what platform your store is built on.

Testimonials & reviews

Anyone can easily set up an online shop. Which means that consumers need to be on the look out for scammers online. 

From poor quality products to products that don’t match their description, buying online from a new site can be a risk business.

How to assure customers that you’re legit?

Reviews & testimonials! 

If you’re selling online, you must be using a plugin that allows customers to leave reviews on products. Once you have a few reviews displaying, this will go a long way to proving to potential customers that they can checkout with confidence.

Bundle discounts & promotions

One of the best ways to get customers to add more products to their cart is to give them an incentive to do so.

You can do this by offering free shipping for orders over $X amount, tiered discounts where the more you spend the more you save, and free gifts with purchase over a certain amount. 

This is most effective when combined with messages at checkout that the customer is only $X away from free shipping or saving more.

Online competitions 

One of our favourite ways to grow our ecommerce clients’ email lists is to run lead generation competitions on social media.

When you make your products the prize, you know that anyone who is entering (with their name and email address) is probably interested in your products.

Once you draw a winner, email everyone else on the list with a consolation offer like a discount code. 

Pro tip: include in your competition T&Cs that anyone who enters agrees to be added to your marketing database. You just grew your email list!

Start boosting your online sales today!

There’s no better time to up your online sales than right now. 

If you’re inspired to take your marketing game to the next level let’s have a chat and see how we can help your business thrive.

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