Streamlining your workflow

Growing your business is no easy task, especially when your time and financial resources are short at hand. Thankfully, there are a plethora of useful resources available to entrepreneurs at all levels that can streamline and systematise time-consuming work. We’ve listed our top 10 handy hints below:

Google Drive allows you to share and collaborate on projects easily and efficiently. It is one of the most efficient ways at keeping your files systemised and easily accessible from anywhere at anytime.

Rapportive Extension (Gmail) pulls across all LinkedIn information about whomever you’re corresponding with via Gmail. This includes profile picture, job title and social links.

Skype is the original messaging and video conference app. This resource comes packed with handy tools such as share-screen, which allows users to view the screen of another’s computer, making conference calls and presentations a breeze.

Ahrefs is a great resource to have if you’re new to the world of SEO and link building. Ahrefs keeps track of the ranking metrics of your website, including details on your best performing content and traffic rankings.

Outsource marketing is a great option when you don’t have the skills internally to maintain high quality, consistent material. Outsourcing all, or elements of your marketing initiatives can save you time, money and increase your success. A good marketing team will generally consist of a range of professionals in specialised fields with different focuses. transforms your data into beautiful visualisations that are both engaging and easily digestible. Free and easy to use, this resource is great for creating graphs, tables and charts that look well above par.

Hootsuite is fantastic for streamlining all your social media platforms. Free and highly functional, Hootsuite makes scheduling posts surprisingly enjoyable.

Google Analytics will become your go-to for web data such as page views, goal tracking, site behaviour and demographics. If you want to optimise your web traffic, Google Analytics will be your new best friend.

Trello is a project and task management tool that is ideal for team projects. With interactive project boards, Trello allows you to share content, leave messages, create checklists, prioritise items, set due dates and much more.

Bonsai is a free resource that aims to make the chore of contracting, invoicing and payments organised and simple. In minutes you can create and send a bulletproof freelance contract, create automated invoices and handy payment reminders.

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