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The Top 5 Online Shopping Events to Boost Your Sales This Silly Season

Is your business ready for the silly season? Year on year, we’re seeing a massive change in the way Aussies shop online, especially in the lead up to Christmas.

Aside from the increasing availability of online stores, much of this is due to our adoption of seasonal shopping events from the U.S including Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Free Shipping Day. According to an article published by Australia Post, sales from these events in Australia have skyrocketed with significant year on year growth. So what are these online shopping events and how can you maximise them for increased sales for your business?

Click Frenzy – 13th November

Click Frenzy is a 24-hour online sale event based in Australia. The first Click Frenzy sale went live in 2012 and  is Australia’s answer to Cyber Monday; an online-only shopping event giving retailers the ability to promote their exclusive offers to shoppers on a centralised online shopping platform. Find out more about click frenzy here.

Black Friday – 23rd November

Following Thanksgiving in America, Black Friday marks the start of the Christmas season where many retailers extend their business hours to increase sales and give customers additional hours to complete their shopping. Black Friday has begun to gain attention,  with Australians spending over $200 million in online sales last year, from  both international and local retailers.

Cyber Monday – 26th November

Cyber Monday follows Black Friday and was invented by marketers to encourage customers to shop online during the start of the Christmas period.  Since Cyber Monday is only a few days after Black Friday, retailers are now combining the two to offer promotions over the weekend. Starting on Black Friday and ending at midday on Cyber Monday.

Free Shipping Day – 15th December

This one-day shopping event is held in mid-December with many merchants adopting the idea of offering free shipping on this day with an added guarantee that goods will be delivered by Christmas Eve. You can run your own Free shipping day campaign  and promote to your database and socials or register with https://www.freeshippingday.com

Boxing Day – 26th December

Traditionally a traditionally retailers sale event, Boxing Day sales  attract huge crowns lured in by heavily discounted products. With online shopping now making more than 7% of total retail sales and with that figure predicted to grow to 15% by 2023 boxing day sales is now a massive online sale event.

If you’re keen to take advantage of these monumental online  shopping events for your business check out our blog with our 6 top tips to preparing a great seasonal campaign. Or if you need help preparing for these online sales events – give us a call on 07 5576 7841 or email us today at hello@lemontreemarketing.com.au.