Best practise for video dissemination

With the help of Positive Vision, we launched our first Lemon Tree Marketing video in March. Since then, we’ve been looking at the most effective ways to maximise its effectiveness to increase our brand awareness, connect with and engage our audience. And we thought we thought we’d share some of the dissemination tips and trends we’ve experienced along the way.

You’ve created a video, now what?

The goal is to produce helpful, divergent, and concise content that really captivates your audience. The more engaging your content is, the more likely your audience will be to remember, share, and interact with your message. What better way to distribute your message than have your audience do it for you? To kick-start this process make sure your video is share-friendly. This means making sure your viewers have a big, obvious call to action (share button) directly under or around the video. Also allow ratings to be added by viewers as this increases engagement and viewing. It also always helps to say the magic word…please. Write a little message that explains the core message of the video and encourage your viewers to share it, like it, and subscribe to your channel.

Where do you put it?

As the second most popular social media network, Youtube is a great starting point for video dissemination. It will give you a URL link you can post on other mediums and it also has its own analytics. For the best results post your video on a weekday, statistically a Thursday between 2 and 6pm is the peak video viewing time. But Youtube alone isn’t a video strategy.

Website, Blogs, Social Media

You can link your video using your Youtube URL to: your own website, blog and partner or industry blogs, social media networks like Twitter, and Google +. Instagram has it’s own rulebook and you will have to upload your video through a mobile device for their video player. For Facebook, you can choose to upload your video through their video player rather than a Youtube one. This looks attractive, reaps the benefits of auto-play, and blends with the site but you do lose Youtube’s engagement tracking between sites and have to deal Facebook’s currently poor video search system.

Email Campaigns

Video and email are a complementary combination. Although you can’t stream a video on an email, you can place an image or even a GIF with a play button video overlay so viewers click through to your Youtube video. It gains and maintains more viewers and can increase click-through-rates by about half.


Videos are also entertaining and informative breaks in the clutter of conversation for pitches. It’s got uniquely memorable and permanent qualities and most importantly, it can link to the vast array of mediums you’ve integrated it with.

Linking your other marketing tools is key to full community engagement and provides you with valuable data as an added bonus. Your video does the explaining and your viewers can do the sharing, all you have to do is put it under their noses.

To find out how video can help grow your business, give us a call.