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Lemon Tree's Graphic Designer Frank sitting on a stool smiling at the camera.

Meet Frank, Lemon Tree’s Graphic Designer

Meet Lemon Tree’s 6 foot 4 creative superstar, Frank (or Franko as he’s known around the office).

Frank first began dabbling in graphic design when he started studying at TAFE. 

One of his highlights at the Creative Campus at Coomera was designing a skateboard deck and wrapping it himself!

Since graduating in 2014, Franko has been killing it in the creative scene.

He began his fruitful graphic design career at a large travel agency in Helensvale where he contributed to building brands from the ground up.

One of the most memorable moments in his career was introducing a new user experience design tool which majorly improved the company’s efficiency, interactivity and overall quality of each project.

Hats off to you, Franko!

Aside from making huge process improvements, Frank is passionate about design and letting his creative juices flow.

“I love the endless creative possibilities that come with design and the fact that you can keep learning, no matter where you are in your career.”

Since he stepped into the fast-paced world of Lemon Tree, no two days have been the same.

“I love the variety that comes with my role as Lemon Tree’s graphic designer. I also enjoy being able to have creative freedom in every project. The team dynamic encourages all ideas and constructive feedback, which is so good!”

When it comes to creating solutions for our clients, Frank has one holistic goal in mind: create solutions for client pain points. This goal helps him manage the large variety of clients he works on. 

“If the business goals have been met and the client is happy with the final outcome, it puts a big grin on my face!”

And trust us, it’s a humongous grin.

When Franko isn’t creating pieces of art for our clients, you’ll be sure to catch him at the farmer’s markets every Saturday picking up fresh produce before cooking up a storm.

He also loves a good guitar jam sesh and heading down to the beach to cool off.

We asked Frank if he were an animal, what would he be?

Suitably, this was his response…

“I think I would be a giraffe, they are tall, laid-back and a little bit kooky.”

Coming from the guy that has to duck to get in the door, we think it’s pretty much bang on.

Ready to give your brand the makeover it deserves? Trust our man Frank to create beautiful pieces of art that your business will cherish forever. Chat to Frank and the Lemon Tree team today and let’s make your brand beautiful.