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LawnPride Australia


LawnPride Australia supplies professional-grade lawn care products to every day Australians who love their lawns.

With a new strategy at the ready, we embarked on a rebrand that would speak to LawnPride’s target market, as well as stand out on a shelf when placed next to any other lawn care product. After completing complex packaging design and finishing off refreshed marketing collateral, we then built an e-commerce store and began rolling out our social media advertising strategy, cart abandonment workflows and email marketing campaigns to boost both awareness and sales. 

With online sales now exceeding our goals, Lemon Tree’s focus will be to bring the LawnPride brand and in-depth lawn care education to a new market.

Using a three-step funnel approach, we were able to quickly drive ecommerce sales on LawnPride’s new website, resulting in a Return On Ad Spend of 6.59. More than 100,000 people were reached, leading to a 558% increase in traffic generated from social alone.

After only a few months, LawnPride  is currently performing in the top 2% of Shopify sites launched in 2018.


return on advertising spend


Percent increase in traffic from social


potential customers reached to date

Email marketing design for mobile users
Print Advertising Graphic Design
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