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Brand Strategy + Brand Identity + Naming + Website + Marketing Strategy

After many years working in the business mentoring arena, a new client came to us with an idea for a business model that would shake up the perception of traditional business services.

The problem was, they weren’t sure how to present the brand in a way that would really showcase all the incredible stuff they had on offer. So after a pretty extensive chat about what they were trying to achieve, we agreed that building some solid foundations for their brand was the best place to start. And we were ecstatic to be part of the journey!


Nutting out the foundations

Working closely with our client made it clear that what they were offering (and how they offered it) was really unique in the market. So our job was to provide clarity on why and how they were different, before refining everything we’d learned into a clear and actionable brand strategy roadmap.

To do this, we looked at…

+ What they offer & how they approach it
+ Who their competitors are & how they define what they do
+ What the market looks like & where their services fit
+ Who their audience is & how we could connect with them


Shaping perceptions through strategic design

Once the brand strategy had been nailed down, we got to work on a visual identity that would:

+ Reflect their brand personality
+ Engage their ideal audience
+ Present a competitive difference

Pulling together key themes and brand promises defined in the brand strategy process, the team presented a distinctive stylescape that ticked all the right boxes for the client.


Make it meaningful, make it memorable

Allowing us full rein on the project, the client also tasked us with naming the new business. The goal: Make it meaningful (to what they do) and memorable (so they wouldn’t blend in with everyone else).

We got our thinking caps on and brainstormed different ideas, considering many creative and obscure avenues for inspiration. For the client, the choice was clear and the name Thryve (meaning to prosper or flourish) Strategic Business Growth was chosen.


Fluid web design to engage and inspire

After completing their comprehensive brand strategy and brand identity project, our team then invested all those learnings into delivering a fluid website that would both engage and inspire their audiences. And with such a fun visual identity to work with, the client (and our web team) were pretty damn excited to see where we could take it.

(Check it out here!)


How far we’ve come & where we’re headed

From a simple idea circulating the mind of Thryve’s founder to where we are now, it’s safe to say that we’re super happy with (and proud of ) the outcomes we achieved. And now that we’ve really locked in the foundational elements of the brand, we’re getting ready to kick-off a shiny new digital strategy and tactical plan that will allow Thryve to reach more people in more places. Get ready, world!


Insightful insights for your business

Never underestimate the power of strategy

Being given the opportunity to build a brand from the ground up allows us to be so much more strategic in every other decision we make. From the direction of the business to the visual identity, the web design and even the name, having that strategic foundation leads to MUCH more powerful outcomes that ultimately serve your goals as a business.


Don’t be afraid to be different

When we’re young, being different is scary. But in the business world, being different is the only way to get noticed. Think about what everyone else is doing in your industry and then do something completely different! Of course, you’ll want to keep some of the elements that work, but why conform to the norm when being unique is so much more interesting (and engaging)?

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