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Annabel Trends


Annabel Trends sources, designs and distributes gifts & homewares to both retailers and consumers nationwide. From humble beginnings in 1967, Annabel Trends has grown into a successful and widely known gift and homewares brand that keeps ahead of the trend.  

After finalising the initial marketing strategy, we got to work on strengthening the brand identity by auditing and refreshing customer touch points to create a seamless brand experience. These touch points included items such as website, email marketing, social media and seasonal catalogues.

Lemon Tree also absorbed the task of planning, styling and shooting product collections for each catalogue and related digital collateral. This allowed us to create an extensive library of images that were planned and shot with the end application in mind for items such as product campaigns and social media advertising.

Using a three-step funnel approach, we were able to drive ecommerce sales on Annabel Trend’s website, resulting in a Return On Ad Spend of 15.39. More than 245,000 people were reached, leading to a 50% increase in sales.

We’re all in this together

Lemon Tree continues to work as an extension of Annabel Trend’s marketing department to execute their digital strategy as well as play an integral role in content creation for social media and seasonal catalogues.


Return on ad spend


Increase in sales


Potential customers reached

Photography and styling of giftwares and homewares
Email marketing design
An image of a desktop computer with a responsive layout design
Photography of giftwares product