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Veteran Mentors


The Veteran Mentors are a group of ex-servicemen and women who share a common goal in helping families and communities of Australia.

With their military background, and armed with the lessons derived from operational deployments, the Veteran Mentors have developed a 9-day intensive program for high school teenagers aged 12-17 years old, designed to enhance the lives of all participants by providing them with the tools they need to achieve success at any given task.

The Veteran Mentors came to Lemon Tree as a start-up with the simple desire to break into the market with a new approach to helping troubled teens turn their lives around. With strategy in hand, we embarked on a journey that would take the Vets from a small start-up to industry leaders in their field with over 300 junior leaders having graduated to date.

Using lead magnets and a three-step funnel approach, we were able to quickly drive, on average, 100 leads per month to an internal sales team while also providing branded collateral and ongoing marketing support.

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“These guys are bloody awesome; advertising, marketing, social media management, business development and much more! Without the team at Lemon Tree, Veteran Mentors would not be the success that it is today.”


Veteran Mentors are now industry leaders in their field.

Lemon Tree continues to work with the Veteran Mentors in ongoing sales and marketing support, developing new products, and driving digital marketing strategies to leverage the success of the business so far and support growth throughout Australia.


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Junior leaders graduated to date

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