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Let’s talk about brand refreshes

We’ve been talking a great deal about brands and rebranding as we’ve recently finished a brand “refresher” for one of our clients. There are varied reasons why businesses rebrand and many considerations, from a visual perspective to how much it should all cost. So we’re setting the record straight on a brand refresher.

What is a brand?

Let’s start by defining what a brand is. The actual concept of a brand is complex, as essentially it’s an intangible asset. Every interaction a customer has with your brand, from the visual, to the physical and even online engagement, creates a message about who your business is and what they stand for. From a marketing perspective we can get your visual elements and messaging on track to ensure your brand is one of your most valuable assets.

Why rebrand?

Businesses change over time, as do visual styles and trends, so elements of your brand may be screaming out for a facelift. Perhaps the receptionist designed the logo a few decades ago when your business was a start-up, or maybe your business has diversified and your visual identity is no longer relevant. A rebrand could also provide a catalyst to relaunch your business into the market targeting a different audience.

Keep elements of the old

The recent refresher we worked on demanded close collaboration with our designers to ensure the new logo and corporate identity encapsulated the essence of the brand and retained some of the existing visual elements. It’s vital to evolve, not reinvent your brand completely, as brands can hold valuable equity you don’t want to lose. The result for our client perfectly demonstrates a brand remaining contemporary in a dynamic environment to continue being relevant to its audience.

Brand refresher elements

There are the obvious suspects to consider when implementing a brand refresher, including logo, marketing collateral, website and advertising. And it’s essential the refreshed brand is completely embraced across the business and there’s not a mish-mash of old and new material floating around.

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