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The future of work is collaboration

There is no doubt that we are starting a new chapter of our history, right? A lot of things are changing including the dynamics of the spaces we work in.

Collaborative working (or co-working) has experienced a lot of popularity and media coverage in recent years. This movement is getting bigger, reaching more locations around the globe, and exploring a higher diversity of business models.
Workers can now book desks or entire offices via their smartphones – that’s a wonderful mix of work and technology!

4 benefits of co-working spaces


Today, people don’t have to clock in at the office everyday or commit to lengthy leases. Individuals and companies can book great desks, offices or even meeting rooms for variable periods, just with a click. Thanks to platforms, such as Skype and Google Hangouts, workers can choose where to work.

Networking Opportunities

One of the most important factors of any business is the network. Co-working spaces create opportunities to network with your potential partners, mentors or clients, providing a high level of interaction. You can share ideas, expertise, workshops and events with people from different backgrounds.

Sense of Community

In a co-working space, like-minded people who are willing to learn and grow their business will surround you. Instead of having traditional transactional relationships with your clients, co-working spaces also allow you to participate more actively in the space, sharing coffee and having different experiences.

Inspire Creativity

Nowadays, we can feel the need for a more innovative office spaces. Creativity flows in co-working spaces, unlike most traditional offices. Co-working spaces can connect people from different disciplines and help create great ideas, facilitate brainstorming and lead to innovation.

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