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Digital marketing in times of uncertainty

COVID-19 has impacted many aspects of our lives, from where we can go and what we can do to how we operate our businesses.

Perhaps you’re operating on skeleton staff or have had to change the way you deliver your goods and services. Maybe you’ve shut down your physical store. Whatever the case may be, businesses around the world are being forced to drastically change things up in order to remain operational. 

And while the knee-jerk reaction has been to cut spending at all costs, we urge you to consider ways digital marketing can help your business adapt to the coronavirus climate and ultimately maintain valuable interactions with your customers.

Adapt to the COVID-19 climate

Social distancing regulations have forced much of the world into lockdown, and these changes are having a major impact on what consumers are searching for online

Generally popular searches for things like swimwear and cocktail dresses have seen a massive drop in search volume.

By the same token, events and entertainment search terms have taken a massive hit, with the likelihood of being able to attend a gathering outside your own four walls being very unlikely, at least for now. 

The point is, people aren’t searching for things they normally would. They’re looking for things like stationery for homeschooling, exercise equipment and games to help keep the family entertained. They’re looking for recipes for kids and home workout ideas, books and crafts.

To keep your customers interested in your products or at least engaged with your brand, it’s important to think about ways you can adapt your strategy to meet the wants and needs of consumers in the current situation. 

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Work at your organic SEO

While it might not see that instant flow of sales you’re hoping for, maintaining and optimising your organic SEO is just as, if not more important, in times of uncertainty.

Think about it. People are stuck at home for the vast majority of their day. So what do they do? They search.

And as more people seek out information online, Google is adapting their algorithm to ensure consumers are able to find what they’re looking for. This means that any business ignoring their organic strategy will essentially lose organic visibility, both now and after the crisis has passed.

And the best part? Organic SEO doesn’t require any spend on ads, so you can work on the basics without investing much more than your time. 

Of course, if you’re looking to really nail your organic strategy and get found by more people, it’s worth partnering with a digital specialist. This is someone who can optimise your website, deliver engaging content and implement more advanced tactics to optimise your search results.

Ramp-up on social media

As with basically all digital channels, self-isolation restrictions have seen massive increases in how much time people are spending on social media.

This means more eyeballs on more of your content. Score!

But before you jump the gun, consider how you might reimagine your social strategy to ensure you’re producing content that is both sensitive to the current situation and relevant to your audience. 

Think about what they are currently struggling with or concerned about and aim to create content that speaks directly to these pain points.

It’s also a good idea to think about how you can entertain your audience. People are anxious right now, so giving them something to have a laugh about might be just what they need.

Plus, maintaining an engaging or entertaining social presence will also help to keep your brand top of mind for when they are ready to purchase again.

If you’re not already online, it’s not too late

In light of recent restrictions, many brick and mortar stores have been forced to shut down.

And with their favourite stores being out of action, many consumers are turning to e-commerce to get their retail fix.

Our biggest piece of advice if you’ve closed your doors? Meet your customers where they are now.

Chances are, your loyal customers will still be very keen to spend their money with you, but transition online in order to give them that chance. 

Looking for new ways to reach your customers in the changing coronavirus landscape? We’d love to help. From setting you up with a shiny new e-commerce store to producing great social content and reaching more people through search, we’re here and ready to support your business through these challenging times.