All about EDM’s to 3rd party Databases

I typed EDM into google before writing this blog only to discover this acronym now stood for Electronic Dance Music. Seriously? Some may suggest this is a clear indication of EDM’s dwindling relevance, however I still believe this marketing channel can be an effective lead generation tool for B2B marketing and niche industries with the help of a 3rd party database.

Why EDM’s to 3rd party magazines and websites databases work

The reason EDM’s to third party databases are effective for B2B marketing or for niche industries is simple.  People that subscribe to a niche magazine or website are generally interested in what you have to say as it’s relevant to their industry.  They signed up to receive email notifications from 3rd party magazines or websites so they’ll open up you EDM as long as it’s interesting with a strong offer. Basically you are borrowing a very targeted database for a one off mail out to anything between 400 and 5,000 recipients, depending on the size and quality of the database.

Where do I get a database?

Buying a database can be more effective than building your own database. Some businesses opt to build their own, but this can prove time consuming and not always result in a completely accurate database. If you wanted to send an EDM to Architects it makes sense to pay for the use of Architecture Australia’s database. Similarly if you want to reach property investors, Australian property Investor Magazine’s database would be a logical place to start.

Quality not Quantity

Before booking an EDM to a media channel database it’s essential you find out exactly what you’re buying.  Make sure you get examples of subscribers and while the number of records is important remember that numbers can be misleading and the quality of the database is more important than the quantity.

Try to find out what other businesses have used this database and ask for a sample of previous EDMs sent. If possible, request to see the results, including the open rate and CRT. It’s useful to understand the response rate if you’re comparing databases in the same industry and budget restraints only permit buying one. You may find one database contains 40,000 records and has an average open rate of 1% while another database of 10,000 records has a 50% open rate.  Clearly the smaller quality database is going to give you a greater chance of success.

How to make sure your email marketing gets the attention it deserves

Once you’ve chosen the right media channel to send your message to the next step is creating an EDM that will not only provide cut through but also resonate with your audience.  In our next blog we’ll look at tips to create a fabulous email marketing copy and creative.