Hey Google, Crawl All Over This!

It’s becoming harder and harder to manipulate search results.  The crux of it is, if you don’t have an amazing website with neat code and quality content, the number of links you get or how much you pay to “optimise” search results is simply irrelevant and Google will ignore you!

So I’ve pulled together the best tips on how to get Google crawling all over your site.

Perfect coding

Your website coding must be perfect; no coding errors in the html, no 404 errors of pages not found, no duplicate pages, no server errors, pages must load quick (reduce images to web resolution), have a site map, no duplicate meta tags or descriptions and all that nerdy sort stuff.  We can help your web developer sort through any of these issues or, if he/she disappeared into thin air, we can get a developer to help.

Unique content

It’s essential content is unique and not replicated on another website.  It must exceed 300 words on key pages so it’s crawled by Google and ideally link between your pages to relevant content.

Stay up to date      

Fresh content that’s regularly updated in a blog or news section will entice Google to come back and crawl your page. If nothing changes on your page nothing changes in your rankings.

Links still count 

Link building isn’t as important as it used to be but still adds value. It’s no longer about buying links for advertisers or getting your buddy with a website to add a reciprocal link, these methods are useless. The only way to make links count is to write articles and submit them to online PR and article websites (ezines) that then post your articles on other website pages, blogs and forums.  The links within these articles will link directly back to your site, helping you create “backlinks”.

Quality not quantity for Keywords

SEO has changed and we now need to re-allocate resources to a cluster of keywords.  It’s all about selecting the few right keywords instead of hundreds that see resources spread thin with less impact. This will produce a stronger ranking result increase targeted traffic to your website.

Google updates its ‘search Algorithm’ regularly to prevent people from trying to cheat their way up the ranks. All Google wants is to provide its users with the best, most relevant content, so stick to this tips and your rankings will be heading the right way up the list.

PS: if this all sounds like gibberish it’s ok, don’t panic help is here, simply call 1300 I-don’t-know-what-you-are-talking-about-can-you-fix-my-site or email nat@lemontreemarketing.com.au