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mastering digital strategies part one

Mastering Digital Strategies – Part 1

Keen to snatch up more business opportunities online? Whilst it is rapidly becoming one of the most important things to consider, developing and executing an effective digital strategy can cause a cloud of confusion if you aren’t well-acquainted with the process.

Whilst it might not be on top of your priority list, the lack of such strategy can often mean uncertainty about your online goals in terms of acquiring new customers or strengthening relationships with your current ones. This also means that you probably aren’t dedicating enough energy to achieving those goals and therefore can’t adequately analyse your results.

To help get you on track with your digital strategies, we have put together a four-part blog series dedicated to helping you increase traffic, boost conversions, and work smarter (not harder) online!

To kick it off, let’s discuss increasing your traffic.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of those terms that everyone thinks they understand but when it comes to the crunch, are a little confused as to what it really means. In basic terms, content marketing is a strategic tool that focuses on driving profitable customer action through creating valuable, relevant and consistent content that is appealing to your audience – it is the process of presenting content that your audience is interested in, not what you want them to be interested in. Rather than pushing your product or services through traditional methods (which are largely sales-focused), content marketing is all about providing content that your audience finds truly relevant, useful and valuable – something that helps them achieve a goal, solve a problem or satisfy a need.
So why CM? There are a few main reasons content marketing is fast approaching the forefront of marketing methods, some of which include:

  • Better SEO
  • Increased traffic and leads
  • Increased sales
  • Increased loyalty

For more info on content marketing, read our dedicate blog post here.

Facebook Ads

Lead ads
Lead ads are a new form of advertising that facilitates lead generation through Facebook and Instagram. So how does it work? Lead ads incorporate a contact form that allows your audience to sign up for something or inquire about your products and services. The contact form generally requests an email address among other contact information to facilitate speedy response times. You can even set your lead ad to ask specific and customised questions, receive quote or follow-up requests and much more. Another great aspect of lead ads is the ability to integrate leads directly into your CRM, allowing you to take immediate action with following up your new lead.

Remarketing – Google and Facebook

Ever been shopping online and subsequently encountered ads for the product you were just browsing all over social media and the wider internet? No, this is not a coincidence or a sign to buy – it’s the magic of remarketing. Remarketing is a way of targeting users who have visited your website through use of cookies. To do this, a code is embedded in your website and once a user lands on that page, the cookie will prompt your ads to follow them on their online journey.

Facebook – Custom Audiences

Facebook’s “Custom Audiences” works similarly to Google’s version of remarketing, though rather than displaying on various websites, your ads are presented on Facebook. So why remarket? We already know the user is interested in the product, so remarketing is a great way to target the right people at the right time. More than this, companies that use some form of remarketing experience click-through-rates at around ten times the rate of their non-remarketing counterparts – making it one of the easiest ways to boost traffic.

Keen to learn more about digital strategies? Stay tuned for our next blog in the four-part series or contact us today on 07 5576 7841 or email hello@lemontreemarketing.com.au.