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Mastering Digital Strategies – Part 4

Welcome back to the fourth and final part of our 4-blog series on mastering digital strategies. Previously, we’ve gone through some basics of increasing your traffic and subsequently boosting your conversions.

Now let’s take a look at a few ways we can get digital processes to work more efficiently for your business – allowing you to work smarter, not harder!


Customer relationship management refers to the practices, strategies and systems used by a business to manage and analyse interactions with their customers. By making use of CRM software, you can streamline communications with your current customers, identify and approach prospective customers, group customers according to a common theme to direct personalised communications and so much more. This enables you to provide a more customisable service that specifically targets the people you’re trying to reach. In addition to this, CRM software can:

  • Create customised and targeted campaigns that are more likely to turn into conversions
  • Pinpoint the most effective strategy that resonates with your audience and drives profitable action
  • Create an inventory of customer feedback to improve products or services
  • Track behaviours and interactions for further analysis
  • Identify customer leads and assist with following them up

Automated Email Series

In general, the majority of people who visit your website aren’t actually ready to join up or purchase from you but are interested in what you do nonetheless. So how can we turn this seemingly-pointless interaction into something more profitable? Enter email automation. Email automation is a really handy tool for connecting with previous, current and potential customers with very little effort. So how does it work? The email will be set up just once and will disperse only to those individuals who meet a certain ‘trigger.’ For example, a welcome email could be set up and sent to anyone subscribing to your mailing list. People are more likely to sign up to something for free than they are to make a purchase and once they’ve subscribed, you can then start to tailor your communications to suit their specific needs. As a result, these types of emails have a much higher click-through-rate which has a better chance of increasing traffic and ultimately, conversions.

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