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Meet Josh, Lemon Tree’s Digital Lead

Meet Josh, our resident Yogi and the king of fancy-dress!

Josh started at Lemon Tree in August 2020 and has become a fundamental part of our digital team. Recognising his love of numbers from a young age, Josh opted to undertake a degree in commerce. However, he just couldn’t silence the creative demon within him. So when he took his first marketing course, it was love at the first lecture.

“It was the connection between psychology, analytics and creativity that drew me further into marketing.”

And here he is, in the midst of our brand and digital agency. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing for Josh. He had to put in the hard yards to get to where he is today. Amid graduating in 2014, Josh was determined to land a position in Telstra’s graduate program as a Data Analyst.

And that determination paid off.

Eventually, he followed his creative intuition to move from data analysis into product development. This opportunity later led to Josh finding himself working in the Philippines managing a Sales team of 3,500! If you’re keen on working in the Philippines, take it from the man himself:

Perks: access to some of the most amazing beaches and islands in the world. 

Cons: on a bad day in Manila, it could take up to three hours in traffic to get to the office, even though it was only 8kms away!

Eventually, Josh heard home calling and flew back across the Pacific Ocean. He settled back in and started working in digital marketing within the higher education sector and later within FMCG, wholesale and health and wellness industries.

Josh loves taking on new challenges and finds precisely that in the digital environment.

“In the time it took me to complete my marketing degree, Apple released four iPhones, Facebook went from 431 million users to 1.3 billion, and the amount of times people searched on Google doubled.

It’s an exciting space to be in. Brands have the ability to reach an audience that was once unattainable, and you can reach them on a more personal and intimate level. Not to mention the data! So much data! Everything in the digital world is measurable, making it the number-lovers paradise.”

Josh has truly found his calling as a data-crunching social advertising specialist and his optimistic attitude for his clients makes him a great fit here at Lemon Tree.

“My goal is to help our clients be in a better position than they were yesterday. But more importantly, my goal is to help our clients understand their data in a way that makes sense to them.”

If you’re ready to take your social advertising to new heights, chat with our intelligent digital marketing wiz Josh and the Lemon Tree team today!