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Meet Neky, Lemon Tree’s Graphic Designer

Neky is our newest, quirkiest and (I think we would all agree) funniest addition to our Creative team.

She is our *seriously* passionate brand designer and all-round creative mastermind who thrives on the challenges of the ever-evolving design landscape.

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Neky has been designing and illustrating since primary school. After discovering her flair for design at such a young age, it was only natural that she would go off and study Graphic Design.

I was finally in the place where I always wanted to be. Uni was where I learned how to implement all the ideas I had in my head 24/7, which was always full of shapes and colours. For me, letters and numbers were only a shape – that was the way I liked using numbers!

I was especially good at conceptualising. Brand strategy has always been my thing.”

If you couldn’t already tell, Neky is a natural creator. 

Even from her beginnings as a junior graphic designer, Neky was achieving big things. She started in the junior role only two days after her graduation and instantly hit the ground running.

“I will never forget the day I was filming a TV ad that was conceptualised and created by my director and me, as well as billboards, collateral material and so on. It was a massive campaign, and it all started from a team that I was part of.”

Even when following a detailed brief, she says she feels a sense of freedom. How special is it to work in a field you are so passionate about (and good at!)?

Neky brings a world of experience to the table yet still seeks out every opportunity to expand her skills and let her creativity shine. Believe me, when I say – you can’t pass Neky’s screen without sneaking a peek. 

Now and into the future, she hopes to use her extensive experience to achieve the best results for each and every client she works on.

I understand that each design endeavour is unique and must align with the brand and market needs by thinking outside of the box to achieve the best results. Working in big teams as well as individually has given me a great sense of proactivity, productivity, and strategic planning, which I plan to bring to each project I’m involved in.”

On a personal level, Neky loves dancing, skydiving, skincare products, shoes, plants, teaching her sprint class and secret dates at the coffee shop with her two girls.

Isn’t it about time your brand had a refresh? Get to know Neky’s vibrant personality and holla at her for your next graphic design project