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Meet Steph, Lemon Tree’s Content & Design Coordinator

Meet Steph, our multi-talented and incredibly hardworking Content & Design Coordinator at Lemon Tree.

Steph entered the world of marketing through a Bachelor of Business Management majoring in Marketing and Advertising at UQ. 

Before graduating, Steph was involved in the Advertising Capstone Competition Australia 2019. 

Each team was tasked with a live brief from McDonald’s Australia to come up with an innovative full-scale advertising campaign for McDonald’s movement towards sustainability.

After loads of late nights, hard work and copious amounts of coffee, Steph and her team pitched their ideas to the Marketing Manager of McDonald’s and the senior team at DDB Sydney – and won! 

When asked about the experience, Steph said:

“The best part was getting real-world experience working on a real client for a real campaign.

That was probably my favourite moment of uni and really helped me decide what I wanted to do.”

Throughout her studies, Steph was eager to soak up as much industry experience as she could. So after success with the Capstone Competition, Steph turned her attention to nailing a number of internships (and subsequently paid positions) in marketing and social media.

After giving her all and learning as much as she could, Steph decided it was time to move on and (lucky for us) this led her to join the team at Lemon Tree. 

Steph’s flair for copywriting and passion for design has made her an invaluable part of our team – and it shows! When asked about what she loves most about her role at Lemon Tree, Steph said:

“I love working in content and design because no two days are the same.

There is always so much more to learn about creating great content – whether it be writing, SEO or design.

It’s also super satisfying when you nail the brief and the client confirms that you’ve created exactly what they’d envisioned.”

When she’s not whipping up amazing content or crafting engaging designs, Steph loves going to the beach with a good book and some music before heading out for some cocktails with friends. 

She’s also really keen to learn how to surf, although admits it might be a while before she masters her moves!

If you’re ready to deliver content that really connects with your audience, you’ll want to have Steph’s strategic eye and creative hand polishing your projects. Drop us a line and let’s chat about the world of content possibilities available to your brand.