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Meet Nat, Lemon Tree’s Managing Director

Nat began her career as a consumer psychologist after completing her Business and Psychology Degree from Geneva, Switzerland. She then moved to Australia in 2007 where she completed her Master’s of Marketing at Bond University.

Nat worked for a few different agencies in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast before she discovered a gap in the marketing realm.

Nat noticed there weren’t many marketing agencies on the Gold Coast that provided full-service marketing strategy and execution for businesses.

This realisation, combined with Nat’s love of marketing, drove her to create the foundations of Lemon Tree Marketing from her home shed where she worked tirelessly to grow the business into the incredible team she has today.

As you can imagine, Lemon Tree Marketing means a lot to her. 

She’s now proud to have an awesome team of ten highly skilled marketers that produce excellent work and tangible results for clients. 

We asked Nat what her main goal for Lemon Tree’s clients was and she said:

“My main goal is to grow alongside our clients and create strong, long-lasting partnerships built upon trust and respect.”

Not only does Nat run a successful full-service marketing agency, but she also finds time to hang out with her friends and family, and enjoys going camping on the weekends.

We like to think of Nat as our very own Hummingbird since she is always on the go and is very nimble in the work she does. 

Our MD brings a great deal of positivity and enjoyment to the office and we couldn’t imagine anyone else leading our team.

If you’re looking to up your marketing game with a fool-proof strategy and some of the best expert advice in the business, Nat and the team would love to chat with you!