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Latpay provides secure, scalable and flexible payment solutions for all types of businesses looking to integrate sophisticated payment pathways into their business. 

Latpay approached Lemon Tree to devise a complete marketing strategy that would position their company as a noteworthy contender against established competitors and help to gain traction in the competitive market.

After devising a new strategy to roll out, we then embarked on further developing branded materials and touch points to create a more cohesive brand experience for customers across the board. With multiple target markets all with different expectations, needs and desires, developing key messaging and a tone of voice that spoke to all potential customers was one of the first key steps in executing the devised marketing strategy.

Latpay’s branding was explored and further developed to create a suite of elements, imagery and visual styles to create a cohesive visual identity that would stand out from competitors.

In line with the establishment of a completed visual identity, Latpay’s brand strategy was further developed into a comprehensive, succinct form that would help drive marketing projects and initiatives in the future.

After rolling out a total brand refresh for Latpay, the focus has shifted to lead generation and within only days, the business is now seeing qualified leads in the conversion pipeline.

A mockup image of a presentation design