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Retargeting with matched audiences

Is social media on your “to-do list”, but you’re not quite sure how to integrate it into your business model? It’s no secret that many social media users connect purely for cheap laughs and social contact so advertising through these channels isn’t always easy, especially if your primary goal is to create connections with other companies.

LinkedIn recognised this problem and in response, created a new way for businesses to market themselves online. Matched Audiences is an exciting new advertising platform for businesses especially interested in doing b2b transactions. Although other platforms already offer similar functionality, Matched Audiences’ unique selling proposition lies in the intentions of the platform and it’s users – being a business platform, advertising through LinkedIn ensures that your ads are seen by the people who are interested in what you do and more importantly, have the power to do business with you.

So how does it work? There are three main targeting methods encompassed in Matched Audiences, allowing the greatest opportunity for desired audiences to be reached. These include:

Website Retargeting

The website retargeting feature allows you to retarget users who have previously visited your website. This allows your company to develop tailored LinkedIn ads and present them to the people interested in your business. You can also include further specifications so that different ads are displayed depending on the specific pages and content they have viewed. The purpose of this is to provide relevant messaging at the right time, something that can have a profound effect on directing business to your ultimate CTA.

Email Contact Targeting

As the name aptly suggests, email contact targeting facilitates audience creation from your email or business contact lists. Through doing so, your business can tailor messages and ad content to the various segments of your contacts (for example: previous, current and prospective customers).

Account Targeting

Perhaps the best feature of Matched Audiences, account targeting allows campaigns to be directed at users based on the company they work for and even the position they hold within that company. This means your messages can be aimed and delivered to the people who have the authority to make big business decisions (or small ones, depending on your objectives).

Matched audience features are a great way to stay connected with the audiences that are meaningful to your business. If you’re interested in integrating Matched Audiences into your marketing strategy, or improving your social media content, call us today on07 5576 7841  or email hello@lemontreemarketing.com.au