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Build a Stunningly Simple Website

All businesses need a fantastic website. A well thought out, easy to navigate and visually impactful website inevitably reflects well on your business and your brand. So why do so many businesses get it wrong?

Most of the time it’s because they overcomplicate things instead of keeping it simple. As humans, we dislike complicated experiences, and simplicity leads to faster decision making—so let’s tailor our websites to this insight.

We’ve gathered our top tips for creating the perfect straightforward and simple website.

Avoid advertising

It’s confusing, adds clutter and can undermine your business.

Find your true purpose

Ask yourself “what’s the one thing I want visitors to do on my website?” Then design everything around this.

Limit your menu

Limit your menu selection to the minimum amount of items, remembering your answer from point 2.

Use lots of ‘white’ space

This means empty space, or very subtle design, that demands less attention. It’s a crucial ingredient for simplicity.

Simple structure

Assume visitors don’t know much about your business. Design your website structure to help visitors easily find the right information without being overwhelmed.

Drop Down Menus

They might seem like a good way to save space, but it can be complicated for visitors to navigate, so use them wisely!

Reduce your options

Providing less options helps your users make faster and better decisions on your website.

Stick to a few colours

Limit your design to two – four colours aligned with your brand.

Remove ‘unclicked’ options

Any lack of activity on your site needs to go!

Increase visuals

Reduce copy and opt for a conclusive set of images. Humans are visual creatures and images add intuitiveness to your website.

Test, test, test

Always test your website as early and as often as possible. Get different perspectives from different users and tweak accordingly.

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