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Signs It’s Time For A Brand Refresh

As the end of the financial year creeps up, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about ways to refresh your business. From implementing new processes or entering a new market to refocussing your company mission, June 30 is a great marker for change and one we’re always excited to get stuck into.

Whether you’re changing your business vision, changing your name, or you just want to attract new customers, it might be time for a brand refresh.

You’ve changed your name

Whether there has been a change of ownership, a change in direction or your name just doesn’t resonate with customers, changing your name is a great reason to revisit your brand.

Think about how you want to be perceived by your audience and whether your old visuals still fits with your new name. If the answer is no, then it’s time to get back to the drawing board to craft out a shiny new brand identity to match your awesome new name.

Your business is evolving

From onboarding new technology to expanding into new services, evolving your business might mean a shift in your branding is called for. Branding is a reflection of who you are, and if who you are changes, your existing branding will likely create confusion around your positioning and what you’re trying to achieve.

Changing elements of your brand, from how you communicate to what you look like, can help you to communicate the new direction of your business and ensure consistency between who you are and how you’re perceived.

You avoid giving customers branded content

When connecting with potential customers, do you proudly hand over your business card or direct them to your company website? Or do you cringe a little bit each time you share your outdated collateral? If it’s the later, it’s probably time for a rebrand. Outdated or poorly designed collateral can send mixed messages about the calibre of your business.

You may be the best or the most experienced at what you do, but if your website doesn’t work or your brochure looks less-than-professional, you’ve probably just lost a lead. After all, if you don’t take pride in presenting your business, how can you hope to care for them as a customer?

You’re blending in instead of standing out

How do you stack up against your competition? Are your brand elements similar? Do speak in a similar tone of voice and talk about the same benefits? One of the most important elements of creating a successful brand is to demonstrate the reasons why you’re different from your competitors. This could be better technology, more experience, sustainable processes or pretty much anything else.

Whatever it is, knuckle down on what sets you apart and make sure everything created for your brand reflects this in a clear and cohesive way.

Your visual identity or tone of voice don’t match who you are

Successful branding is all about consistency. If your messaging doesn’t match your imagery, or your communications don’t resonate with your audience, it might be time to do a brand overhaul. Remember, your brand isn’t just your logo or brand colours. It’s the culmination of every single thing that your business does, says and displays.

For instance, if you’re a fun skincare range targeted at young women, you might use short, punchy copy combined with cheeky photography and contemporary graphics. Conversely, a high-end jewellery retailer will look to have more elegant imagery and use sophisticated language to convey their message. Every single thing you do contributes to audience perception of your brand.

If you’re struggling to turn your positioning, messaging and visuals into a cohesive brand identity, it’s definitely time to consider revisiting your brand.

Your image doesn’t match your product or prices

Perception is everything. Often, clients are hesitant to pay top dollar for a product or service if the brand doesn’t instil confidence, even if what you’re offering is worth every cent. Consumers will generally pay more for something that they have high confidence in. If your branding isn’t quite representing your quality or your prices, it might be time to rethink how you can communicate your worth through a brand overhaul.

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Think you’re ready for a brand refresh? Let’s chat! We’d love to get stuck in and see what amazing things we can create for the next chapter of your business.