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bianca taylor-andrews, lemon tree's creative lead

Meet Bianca, Lemon Tree’s Creative Lead

Bianca Taylor-Andrews is our talented & organised creative lead and senior designer. She turns brands from blah to brilliant and can whip up a high-converting website with ease. 

Bianca’s design journey

Bianca began her career as a designer after studying a Bachelor of Digital Media majoring in Graphic Design. Although Graphic Design was her chosen major, she’s a multi-disciplinary talent, including illustration, murals, branding, and much more.

In the final year of her studies, Bianca began working freelance for a diverse portfolio of clients. One of her most memorable projects was a custom type project, made with milk and coffee, for a book about (you guessed it) coffee.

Not long after starting work as a freelancer, Bianca was scooped up by Lemon Tree and has been with the team for almost five years.

If you’ve ever been wowed by a new brand we developed or a snazzy new website, Bianca is the creative force behind it all. 

Why design? For Bianca, it’s not just the creative aspect, but also about learning how things work and why they do what they do.  

“Design puts an analytical eye and a purposeful hand behind creativity. It’s not just a visual discipline – when something is ‘made by design’, it simply means, made to suit a purpose. Made to solve a problem.”

“Design is a way of taking a 360 view on a problem and finding creative ways to solve it.”

When working with Lemon Tree’s clients, Bianca has three goals:

    1. Create work with purpose
    2. Make an impact
    3. Take brands to their full potential

We asked Bianca what she loves most about working at Lemon Tree Marketing and she said:

“I love helping our clients build brands – not just through design, but from the ground up. We’re talking about identifying brand goals and challenges, brand personality and positioning, customer experience and of course the visual identity.”

“I’m a big picture thinker, so there’s no better feeling than being part of that team who has built the foundations of a successful brand and watched it take off. “

Whilst Bianca loves creating and working on her designs, she also spends her spare time caring for her cherished plant babies, hiking, cooking and listening to old records.

Bianca always brings creativity and an analytical eye to the office and we couldn’t create the work we do without our Creative Lead.

Keen to refresh your brand? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Connect with Bianca and the team at Lemon Tree—let’s get creative!