Get your business marketing fit for 2015

The New Year provides the perfect platform to implement positive changes in your business.  Just like our personal lives, a new calendar year marks new beginnings and possibilities.  We feel recharged and motivated as we have a tangible twelve months to make meaningful changes.

Unfortunately marketing is often the one aspect of business operations that fails to get the attention it deserves due to perceived costs, lack of understanding of ROI, lack of resources and a myriad of other perceived obstacles. But marketing is worth taking notice of, delivering multiple benefits to your business and directly impacting your bottom line.

To assist you in making marketing a priority in 2015, we’ve pulled together our top 6 tips to kick-start your marketing fit campaign.

  1. Plan to succeed in 2015

We talk a great deal about the importance of planning and this is for good reason. While a plan without action is noting but good intentions, action without a plan can be an expensive, pointless exercise.  Your plan doesn’t have to be fancy.  Include your business objectives and the initiatives you‘ll implement to assist in achieving these goals.  Be sure to include a timeline that highlights the key actions required.  Review this regularly and adapt as required.

  1. Get familiar with your audience

It’s easy to become distanced from the people who matter most to your business – your customers.  Don’t loose touch with them.  Write an audience profile outlining as much information as you have about your customers.  You’ll most likely have a number of segments.  If there are gaps in your information, find out more details about them by ringing some of your long time loyal customers. You should have an intimate understanding of your audience. Make sure you know their likes, hobbies, media consumption, views on controversial issues etc. All this information will be invaluable in guiding how you communicate with them. And by sharing this information internally through your business it ensures everyone has the same understanding of your audience.

  1. Market your brand internally first

It’s easy to focus on building your brand externally, but it’s essential you don’t neglect your internal brand perception.  A strong brand is built from the inside out.  Ensure you take your staff on the journey with you.  Engage them in your marketing initiatives.  Invite input and feedback. Reveal new campaigns to them first. Foster a work environment that promotes the values of your brand. If your staff won’t buy into your brand how can you expect anyone else to?

  1. Get your website in shape

Is your website looking a little drab? Was it a set and forget project that is now looking outdated? The thought of an update can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.  Source some new images, change the feature colour, font and icons if they are looking a bit ‘90s and change your copy to ensure it aligns with the tone in you use to talk to customers. These changes can cost effectively be implemented by your initial developer or a marketing agency.

  1. Social media matters

If you’ve been dabbling in social media, a little bit here and there it’s time to get your ducks in a row and commit to regular, meaningful engagement with your audience.  Of course to do this you need to build a strong following. Ensure your social media accounts are linked to your email signature and also on your website has social media icons.  See back to tip 2 about understanding your audience and posts things both relevant to your business and of interest to your audience.

  1. Real relationships

As we’re looking at the importance of strengthening relationships with customers, even in a digital world, good old-fashioned kindness never goes astray. Reward loyal customers with recognition of their existence by sending them a birthday card, a thank you card for their ongoing support, or tickets to a sporting match.  Your appreciation will ensure they remain loyal.

If you’d like further information, advice or a helping hand to kick-start marketing in the new year please email us