Meet Ben, our Marketing Manager

Meet Ben, our calm, clever, caffeinated Marketing Manager.

Ben is always composed despite the busy multi-tasking nature of his role. In fact he thrives on the fast-pace, which he says makes everyday “interesting, fresh and educational.”

A lover of writing and photography, Ben has a unique ability to instantly capture a story, instilled from his training in Journalism. This passion, for both the written and visual, combined with a strategic approach makes Ben a true marketing and communications guru.

Ben is also passionate about the sea and considers himself extremely fortunate to nurture all these loves in marketing and magazine writing roles in the surfing industry. Starting out as a writer, photographer and online editor at Tracks and Waves magazine, Ben made the transition to Deputy Editor of Waves Magazine before returning back to the Gold Coast to work with Surfing Queensland as their Event Manager.

At Surfing Queensland, pulling together the Quiksilver Pro and Roxy Pro events has been a standout career highlight for Ben combined with the inherent adventures of the job. “I got to see some really remote parts of the world searching for waves and exploring some unchartered waters. They’re trips I’ll be forever grateful for,” he says.

Ben is the perfect fit for our team and a dream for clients to work with. He’s a fine-tuned mix of Lemon Tree Marketing’s fundamental ingredients – creativity and clarity. “For me, marketing is about consistency and communication. Everything you say and do, be it an email, blog post, print ad or radio campaign is a reflection of your brand and ultimately your product,” he says, “the message must be clear and consistent.”

If you see Ben working he’s likely to be fuelled by caffeine, musical motivation, and a love of what he does.

A witty, surfy, family man at heart, with unique storytelling ability, Ben certainly has the zing of Lemon Tree.