Meet Rudi, our graphic designer

Meet Rudi, our bold and brilliant graphic designer.

Rudi suits the Lemon Tree brand, with a style that echoes the “creativity meets clarity” mantra. His work is clean, uncomplicated, and confident. It’s also well informed. Rudi believes “you can’t design effectively if you don’t understand who or what you’re designing for.” After a Bachelor of Visual Communication Design at Griffith University and a Postgraduate Masters in Marketing and Advertising at The University of Queensland, it’s fair to say he’s pretty artistically equipped.

Rudi’s inspired by bold, American design the likes of the late art director George Lois, of which Mad Men is loosely based. He says that being a graphic designer is getting paid for what he loves to do: art. At Lemon Tree, he produces for both print and digital and although he claims to care for them equally, he says there’s nothing like seeing your designs in the flesh.

With his ability to create for a variety of mediums, it seems fitting that Rudi’s favourite part of working with Lemon Tree team is flexibility. For him, flexibility is about the freedom to design in his own time, which is how he found himself at Lemon Tree. Originally a freelance designer during his studies, Rudi has become a permanent fixture on the Lemon Tree Team.

Cultivating his creativity with a backing track is essential to Rudi. If you see Rudi working he’s likely to be found drinking chocolate beverages and blasting Spotify. Despite the noise he likes to work in, his designs are void of clutter. Clients appreciate his punctuality and his design style speaks of simplicity and authenticity.

With an easily induced, easily contagious laugh, the talented and ever-cheerful Rudi has the zing of Lemon Tree.