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Creating better digital campaigns with new Google features

The future of marketing your business is coming to Google, and we couldn’t be more excited! 

Marketing teams are always looking for new ways to make the purchase process smoother, and Google is delivering just that with a range of exciting features and extensions to their current service offerings.

If you’re eager to improve your customer experience, increase awareness and boost sales, get ready to jump on board with the latest and greatest features coming to Google this year.

The year of the video

Did you know that 80% of shoppers switch between online search and video when researching a new product to buy?

Video is one of the most important marketing channels to adopt for 2019. As well as conveying your messages in a succinct manner, video builds trust and credibility in your brand.

It’s not all about instant sales, however. Videos lift brand recall and broaden reach to encourage purchases over the long term.

Power up your marketing by using video in combination with search ads and social media remarketing. Businesses that use both video and search ads have 8% more conversions, a 3% higher conversion rate and a 4% decrease in search cost per acquisition.

So, rather than using search as a standalone marketing tool, combine it with video and Facebook remarketing to seamlessly touch a buyer at every point in their customer journey.

Discovery campaigns

The Discover Feed is a new Google feature that offers content tailored to an individual’s interests. This feed of swipe-able image carousels is found on Google Apps and the Google Website Platform, and offers extensive reach with ads across YouTube home and the Gmail promotions tab.

Discovery Ads are shown to consumers in the moments when they’re most open to finding something new – advertising gold.

What’s more, Google has found that 85% of online customers take a product-related action within 24 hours of seeing a discovery ad, meaning you can highlight special offers and promotions with great results.

For the best outcome, Google recommends using inspirational and high-quality images that clearly showcase what you’re offering.

Gallery Ads

Image search is overtaking traditional text search, with 80% of people remembering what they see as opposed to just 30% of what they read.

Gallery ads sit at the top of the search results page, encouraging users to swipe through 4-8 images and ultimately click to a website.

This is a huge game changer for search, allowing businesses to communicate value much faster with the use of high-quality imagery.

Showing consumers captivating images of a product at the exact time they’re searching those keywords is a great way to encourage more purchases than text-only ads.

On average, campaigns that leverage Gallery Ads have experienced an increase in user interactions of up to 25%.

This awesome new feature will be rolled out to advertisers later this year and can be fantastic for both B2B and B2C campaigns.

YouTube Bumper Ads

Bumper Ads are short, 6-second clips that show before a YouTube video is played.

You can get more bang for your buck with these short ads. Recent stats indicate that a series of 3 Bumper Ads leave a bigger impression on consumers than a single 30-second ad.

It can be hard to get your message across in 6 seconds, but Google has a solution. Introducing the ‘Bumper Machine’, an app that turns any video shorter than 90 seconds into a collection of YouTube-ready Bumper Ads.

The Bumper Machine rolls out for use later this year and includes a suite of basic editing tools so you can take control over the final product.

As opposed to 30-second ads, Bumper Ads result in 107% more ad recall and 134% higher purchase intent, making them a fantastic channel to jump aboard early on.

Google Shopping all in one place

While Google Shopping is by no means a new feature, the ability to produce shoppable images is an exciting addition to this legacy tool. What does that mean? Consumers will be able to find and purchase a product through image search.

What’s more, shoppers can now make purchases directly from the shopping interface without entering a brand’s website. These transactions are backed by Google Guarantee and offer checkouts directly from GPAY, making a smoother purchase process for your customers.

Users can make these purchases with voice search, text search, Google images or directly from YouTube while they’re watching videos.

In combination with local inventory ads, customers can also be notified if a product is in-stock at their local brick-and-mortar store. Fantastic for businesses with multiple locations or resellers.

Showcase Ads expansion

Showcase Shopping Ads let you show a catalogue of products related to a search query where Google has determined that the consumer is in research mode and hoping to discover new products.

When shoppers don’t have a specific product in mind and are instead searching for inspiration, Showcase Ads are a fantastic opportunity for businesses to provide a variety of options to hook potential customers.

For Showcase Ads, Google again emphasises the importance of using high-quality visual imagery to engage with your audiences.

In coming months, Google will expand Showcase Shopping Ads to image search results, Discover feed and YouTube. This means that businesses will be able to deliver those discovery-based shopping experiences at a wider range of high-funnel touchpoints.

Enhanced local campaigns

Consumers often research products on their smartphones before entering a physical store. With Google’s enhanced local campaigns, businesses are able to influence customer purchase decisions before they even enter your store.

To enhance local campaigns, Google now offers the ability to promote physical stores across search, Display Ads, Google Maps and YouTube. Google also allows you to optimise ad delivery across all channels to maximise foot traffic.

In the coming months, Google will release a new feature that displays promotional ads inside Google Maps to facilitate remarketing and further encourage store visits.

Key themes of 2019

  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence are growing at a rapid rate; search has changed so much from just 3 years ago.


  • Improvements to smarter bidding – Google is making ad bidding much smarter. You can expect campaign level conversions (e.g. online sales, visits to stores) and seasonality adjustments (dates of sales) to improve ad performance.


  • Improved targeting with interests and behaviours – Google is expanding its targeting with interests and behaviours. This targeting is likely to be more powerful than Facebook’s because of the incredible amount of data Google has access to.


  • Stay close to the evolution of mobile – site speed and ease-of-use must be your top web priorities this year. In the long term, mobile will be the number one platform for user engagement. Bad mobile experiences impact voice search, SEO and ad performances. Keep in mind that there are trillions of searches every year and over half happen on mobile.


  • Content marketing – as we transition to voice search, fewer results will be displayed. Make sure your content is high-quality to make it into the top results.

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Get ready to take advantage of Google’s new features! Our digital specialists can help you build powerful digital marketing campaigns that facilitate seamless customer experiences and boost sales.