New online releases mean greater engagement

Huge changes are happening online, transforming how we engage. This holds significant opportunity for businesses to form deeper connections with their customers. Three popular platforms have released new updates that are taking user engagement levels to a new high.

Facebook’s Reactions

Facebook’s ‘Reaction Emojis’ are a big success. The new features are quick, entertaining and easy to use providing a wider range of choice for expression. This means there’s now opportunity to strongly express negativity, as well as positivity. In terms of business, this means greater insight into your client-base, and what makes them tick. Analyse which posts attract the most attention and how your audience reacts to them. If your posts have received positive feedback, keep doing what you’re doing. If you’re receiving too many negative (or neutral) reactions, it’s time to review your online content. There are many ways to do this including:

  • Post regularly
  • Be useful, entertaining or interactive
  • Communicate directly with customer feedback

Twitter’s Embedded Streaming

Twitter has released a new update that replaces embedded tweets with embedded streams. Instead of seeing only single tweets, all associated media within feeds can now be viewed externally from the Twitter website. This means even those without twitter accounts are now exposed to tweeted information – meaning more exposure for your business. Embedded streaming can add fluidity to an otherwise static website. By using this new upgrade, you can create a constant flow of new and informative content.

Google’s Speech Recognition Plug-In

There’s mixed reviews about Google Doc’s new update, but there’s no denying it’s entertaining and progressive. The Plug-in offers relief for those suffering from arthritis, dyslexia or the loss of speech or limb. And it saves time as most people dictate three times faster than they type! Speech recognition also gives freedom from the physical issues associated with computers such as tension headaches or bad posture.

All of these new releases have created an opportunity for richer engagement between businesses and customers. The tools are there, now it’s up to you to go and use them wisely.