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Making a killer brand isn't a simple as it seems. A brand is a really the sum of it's parts, so it's important that each aspect of a brand is treated with care, integrity and thoughtfulness.

Creating a recognisable brand is all about how design, imagery, tone of voice, social media presence and customer relationships all work in a consistent way. The first step is to work out what your brand stands for with a vision, mission, company values and tone...

We are exposed to hundreds, if not thousands of marketing messages every day. In response to this chaotic overload, our brains tune out all but the most relevant ones. Until our minds give something meaning or purpose, that something remains irrelevant to us.

Mobile Internet browsing is on the rise. Over the last few years there’s been a call to enhance the mobile user experience and as of May, Google will roll out a new ranking signal for their search engine algorithm.Websites that aren’t considered mobile friendly will fall down the ranks.

Huge changes are happening online, transforming how we engage. This holds significant opportunity for businesses to form deeper connections with their customers. Three popular platforms have released new updates that are taking user engagement levels to a new high.

Growing your business is no easy task, especially when your time and financial resources are short at hand. Thankfully, there are a plethora of useful resources available to entrepreneurs at all levels that can streamline and systematise time-consuming work.

Advertising directly in apps “Appvertising” is tipped to be the next big opportunity emerging for businesses. Search engine and social media advertising is increasingly cluttered and achieving cut-through is becoming harder, in-app advertising offers businesses a savvier and targeted way to connect with customers.